Fit 2 Motivate


If you are interested in getting fit, having variety in your workout, being motivated to workout and having the energy to do it, and meeting a great group of people while you do it, Kari's bootcamp does it all.  Thanks Kari for making me stronger and fitter.




Finding Kari has made a significant difference in my opinion about boot camp classes as they are not all created equal.


Now this is what a "group" class should feel like!  The classes are challenging but more importantly they are fun!  It makes the classes feel less like work and more like being with a group of friends.....working our butts off of course!


I've got a few ailments that sometimes slow me down.  I may have to modify an exercise or two but I never feel awkward doing so. As Kari always says "It's your workout, make it what you want it to be"


This is hands down one of the most positive experiences I've had in my life.  Far beyond just exercise, I've found a new passion, more energy, a new waistline and new friends.


Nissa :)


Hi Kari,

You helped to completely change my opinion about exercise! Previous to attending your summer Boot Camp, exercise was an anathema to me. I had never liked sports or phys ed in my life, mostly because of the way it was taught. However, you made it fun to participate and your extensive knowledge about physiology assured me that I would always be guided to do the exercise the correct way.

You were so patient with me(and so was the rest of the class.) You always provided extra "assistance" and encouragement throughout the summer. I never felt left out or judged by you.

What also impressed me, was that you took into consideration my previous polio history and the broken knee. You were quick to adapt some of the exercises so that I could participate and not "hurt" myself and still feel as a valued member of the "team". Thank you for changing my opinion about the value of exercise as well as the fun it can bring into my life.


Lore A. Age 67 years!!



I found Kari's boot camp to be great for every level. Everyone works at their own level!  Kari always makes sure that

everyone is doing the exercises correctly so there are no injuries.  I really liked that the workouts changed every day from pushing tires to doing circuites - no workouts were ever the same.  I found this to be motivating and fun!  Kari runs her bootcamps with motivation rather than like a drill sargeant.

In a 4 month period I found my energy level to improve considerably, I toned up, my strength improved.  I went from doing 1 regular push up to doing 30!!!  I also could only do a few tricep dips when I started now I am up to 30 at a time:)

My cardio improved as well.  At first I was out of breath doing short runs but now I can keep up with the group on any runs we do.  My balance has improved as well as my flexibility.

I found the key to improving is to be consistant with my attendance.  I attend 2x/week and never miss unless I am out of town.  I keep well hydrated during the day as well as during class and after.  I make sure I eat small meals throughout the day to keep up my energy.

Over all I highly recommend Kari's bootcamp classes to all levels and abilities!!!

Shelley Peddle



I could not believe the improvement in my strength & endurance in just 6 weeks!  For beginners or advanced the boot camp classes are well thought out and lot's of tun.



Last September, I gathered up my courage and decided that it was time to get back into some semblance of good shape.  On a whim, I joined Kari's bootcamp class with no idea of what I was getting into.  At the time, I thought I might die! However, Kari was great at encouraging all of us to carry on and none of us to do more than we should.  Everyone works at their own level and I have gone from a few girly pushups to 30 regular ones.  My strength and endurance is much improved and I have persevered.  I must thank Kari for keeping me going and making each and every class different so that there is no such thing as getting bored.




Thanks Kari, I really enjoyed your bootcamp - even though it was hot and hard.

October 2011


I began my weight loss journey on April 13, 2010.  As far as exercise, I did NOT enjoy exercising and had been a couch potato for the better part of my adult life.  I began walking and taking the stairs at work.  A friend of mine told me about Kari`s bootcamp and I should consider it.  With trepidation I called Kari and spoke with her at length letting her know that I essentially had been a couch potato who had begun walking but still considered myself out of shape.  Kari assured me that I could do bootcamp and work at my own pace.

On Sept 6, 2010 I had lost 28.5 pounds and I attended my first bootcamp.  It was hard work but everyonoe was so supportive.  I have never been so stiff in all my life.  Going up and downs stairs and trying to use the bathroom was very uncomfortable but I came back for the next class. 

When I began bootcamp I could only do 3 pushups from my knees.  In my younger days I was a sprinter and could run really fast for about 100 meters. When I started bootcamp running was not my thing so I would walk fast.  I could not jump over the hurdles we use so I would step over theminstead but the important thing was I kept coming to bootcamp.  I was doing something for myself for the first time in 14 years.  I felt energized after bootcamp and I began to look forward to coming and I actually enjoyed it!

I signed up for the next session and I began to slowly improve.  By spring I could do 10 push ups from my toes and I could jump over the hurdles.  Running was still a challenge but Kari encouraged me to try.  I would run and then walk and then run around Broadmoor Lake.  By August of 2011 I was able to do10 hills and I was able to run all the way around the lake.  I felt empowered and I was proud of my accomplishments.  Bootcamp is my addiction and I faithfully come 3 times a week.

As of May 10, 2012 I have lost a total of 76.6 pounds and have lost a total of 39.75 inches.  I could not have done this without the support of my family and the support and encouragement of Kari!

Patty Peckham
May 21, 2012