Fit 2 Motivate

                                   Nutrition & Wellness coach

Initial consultation plus 2 follow up meetings     Cost  $180

This cost includes an initial consultation where you will fill out information sheets for me to go over.  I will then put a plan together that will include working on the nutrition, physical & holistic areas of your life.  You will then meet with me for 45 min where I will go over the plan with you.   From there you will meet with me again in 3 weeks to discuss how the previous 3 weeks went and I will go over your new set of goals for the next 3 weeks.  After this 3rd meeting you will be required to pay for our monthly meetings if you continue with my services.

Monthly meetings             Cost $50/Meeting

Goals and a plan will be discussed at the monthly meetings to keep you on track for your nutrition/physical and holistic goals.  You will be required to text or email me every 4 days with your on going success to keep you motivated and on track in between meetings.

If you have any further questions or to book your appointment please contact Kari at 780-920-6213 or email