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Kari Berridge

Welcome to Fit2Motivate                                                                                                                              Unleash the Potential

Kari Berridge has been helping individuals reach their fitness and lifestyle goals since 2004.  Kari is an AFLCA certified fitness trainer with a designation in group fitness, fitness with portable equipment, resistance training and indoor cycle.  She has attended Twist Conditioning sport performance seminars in addition to being certified in TRX suspension training, vipr certified as well as barre certified.  Kari has recently become certified as a Nutrition & Wellness specialist and looks forward to offering nutritional coaching to her clients. She is also CPR and First Aid certified which is updated annually.

Kari has participated in numerous sporting events and activities including body building, triathlon, adventure racing, marathons, ultramarathons including the Death race, Sinister 7 and Blackfoot ultra, rock climbing, the ms bike tour, tour d alberta, the dv 100 bike race, competitive tap dance, Soldiers of Fitness & the commando course, and Fit Rendezvous 2008, 2010 and 2012. 

Kari began Fit2Motivate to create a safe environment for clients to get comfortable with the basics of fitness, equipment and their bodies without feeling the pressure some large gyms or other fitness environments may elicit. Smaller group sizes as well as indoor and outdoor bootcamps are her main priority.  The smaller group sizes are designed to create a motivating unit, and to ensure clients receive the maximum attention and critique required to accomplish their fitness goals.

Kari also has a passion for what fitness can do for you mentally.  Having gone through many challenging times in her life Kari has learned how important physical activity is to her mental well-being.  "Physical fitness is what got me through the toughest times in my life." says Kari.

Her mission is to invite you to challenge your current lifestyle and fitness routines and consider how Fit2Motivate will assist you in creating and reaching your future fitness and lifestyle goals.